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  • Thanks for the presentation Miguel. The route looks amazing! Hopefully once this madness is over, I'll be booking a place on this tour.

    Mike C el 31-Jan-2021

  • Thankyou Miguel for tonights presentation looks like a very interesting & beautiful trek & your knowledge is very inspiring to want to visit these areas. I will be following closely & hopefully not too long until we can travel again safely

    Laura Banks el 31-Jan-2021

  • Amazing hike in great company on a lovely sunny day! Hiking with Miguel never disappoints. It was hard, but reaching the top of Puig de Bassegoda at 1,370 mt and seeing the incredible 360 views of all Catalunya made it so worth it! Ready for the next one!

    Eva el 30-May-2017

  • I thoroughly enjoyed my first hike with TrekPyrenees. As a non-native Spanish speaker I found that everyone in the group was quite open to allowing me to practice my Castellano while helping me through the tough bits by speaking English. This is very comforting for someone who may have just moved here and/or has limited language abilities in Spain. Miguel is also very knowledgeable about the area, you can tell very experienced taking an interest in the planta and fauna as well as the landscape, and he put safety above all else which should not

    Mike O'Connell el 11-Jan-2017

  • TrekPyreness is a great group to discover and enjoy the mountains! We had a lovely trip to Saldaguda peak, peaceful and challenging. Miguel show us an amazing path off the beaten track and we learnt many things about nature with him! I recommend you all the experience!

    anna pinyol el 19-Dec-2016

  • It was amazing trekking experience. Miguel is a very good mountain expert and has in depth knowledge of geography and flora in the region. He also organized Hotel accommodation, food and travel for us, which was very convenient. Sunny Weather, gorgeous mountains, beautiful landscape and a fun group - Perfect weekend. Thanks for organizing!

    Gautam Gala el 29-Jun-2016

  • It was a perfect weekend. Beginning with the moderate to difficult climb to Taga peak, good catalan food, good company of friends and an panoramic climb to end the hike. Thanks everyone for the wonderful time .... see you guys soon 🙂

    Ronak Kosti el 27-Jun-2016

  • Hi Miguel and Everyone! It was a very good hike. A good opportunity to meet fellow hikers! It was well organized and the view along the way was one of a kind. I hope to explore more 🙂 Thank you all for making the day a memorable one. I will soon post the link for all the photos with me.

    Ronak Kosti el 30-May-2016

  • 20/10: the organizer, the route, the company. Tres bon! Thank you, all!

    Kristine el 30-May-2016

  • Hi Miguel! I just wanted to thank you for the amazing experience and for showing me some of the beautiful scenery Catalonia has to offer! Absolutely great trip and you will see me again for sure!

    Dylan Foley el 30-May-2016

  • Great trip Miguel! I'm still impressed by the views. I'm looking forward for the next meet up!

    Ania Kurto el 18-Apr-2016

  • Fantasic hike...well organised, lovely views and great group.

    Iain el 18-Apr-2016

  • Mixing trekking and wines is an unbeatable experience 🙂 I spent a great time with the landscape, the group and the delicious diners in the hotel.

    Esther el 29-Mar-2016

  • Montsant Natural Park has been a revelation with fantastic views and landscapes + superb wines of course! A pleasure meeting you all. All the best, H

    Hugues el 28-Mar-2016

  • Great trip, great guide, great company! This was the most fantastic tour - with an exellent mix of challenges and view and many good laughs to keep us all going. Thank you all of you! <3 Bo and Inger A pleasure meeting you all. All the best, H

    Inger Inanna Weidema el 28-Mar-2016

  • Great group, great organization, and a great day out - what else could one want? Oh yeah, getting the photos off my phone... soon! 🙂

    Michał el 18-Feb-2016

  • The TrekPyrenees outings are always great fun and fantastic places and this one once again gets 5 gold stars from me! See you at the next one!

    Aidan M. el 15-Feb-2016

  • Great outing, Miguel. Thanks to all of you guys!

    Mat Gomà el 15-Feb-2016

  • It was amazing. We were a very friendly group and the hike was beautiful. Definitely doing it again! Miguel is a great guide. He really knows the mountains and he'll show you the best views.

    Juan Diego García Quiroga el 08-Feb-2016

  • Thank you for an amazing trip! I am really happy I joined this group and got to see the Pyrenees and its beautiful landscapes with perfect weather!

    Mikaela Holm el 27-Jan-2016

  • Good weather, amazing views, awesome people... Great guide!

    Eva el 26-Jan-2016

  • Hi guys...yesterday was an amazing day!!! Thanks Miguel.

    Carlos1970 el 25-Jan-2016

  • Thank you very much for the organisation and the good company yesterday in Tossa Plana de Lles. I had a excellent time with all of you. Thank you very much for the pictures: good memories of such a beautiful experience.

    Sara el 25-Jan-2016

  • Thanks Miguel and everybody for the great experience. And also for the nice pics. Today I'm so tired than I'm dubting if I'm a person or a zombie. 😉

    Esther el 25-Jan-2016

  • Was a fantastic day! Thanks Miguel and everyone! Hasta pronto!

    Emilie el 25-Jan-2016

  • Thank you all for a good day climbing Tossa Plana de LLes

    Karsten el 24-Jan-2016

  • Thanks, Miguel, for another beautiful day outdoors and the great planning/organization! See you (and the rest of the group!) soon!

    Eva el 17-Jan-2016

  • Nice selection of routes, Miguel did his best to ensure good experience. Also, the trip was great value since it included most of the things. Will look out for other trips Miguel organises. Well don Miguel.

    Jay el 13-Jan-2016

  • Thanks Miguel for another cracking trip... to avoid attracting the wrong crowd to our group next time please don't spoil our members with too much nannying 🙂 Thanks again for this one... will be in touch soon and happy new year!

    Ray el 07-Jan-2016

  • Superb trip arranged by Miguel. The hikes were very scenic, informative, challenging and thoroughly enjoyable. Accommodation, daily transport and daily meals (x3) were very well organised. Miguel was a great hike leader and trip organiser. Thank you for a memorable trip and for catering to my special diet. I look forward to hiking with you in your beautiful country in the future! Kush 🙂

    Kush el 01-Jan-2016

  • Great break, amazing scenery, great hotel in the mountains, well organised trip...well done Miguel, gracias. Thanks to everyone on the trip too!

    David McAuley el 31-Dec-2015

  • Thank you Miguel for being such a great and accommodating guide! The hike was tough but it was great! The view from the peaks were amazing. Love the hotel that you've booked with Fonda Merce, the host was so great with the rooms and all our meals. Thank you also for being so patient with most of us who had never used snowshoes / crampons.

    Nicole Lai el 31-Dec-2015

  • Extremely well organized! Miguel takes care of every detail from picking up participants to arranging a wonderful hotel--and SUPERB hotelier--as well as all meals and transportation to the beautiful destinations. It was a really lively and fun group and a memorable experience.

    Tish el 30-Dec-2015

  • It's amazing how much one can do in four days. Lovely break away from London with some amazing dramatic scenery . A good introduction to technical skills required such as using snowshoes and crampons. Miguel was very helpful, and made sure we make the most of our trip and experience everything . Thank you for an amazing time.

    Anshu el 29-Dec-2015

  • Nice short break mixing lively Barcelona and the stunning Pyrenees. Miguel was friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. Stunning scenery and unseasonably mild and sunny weather. Gracias hombre! A pleasure meeting you all. All the best, H

    Hugues el 29-Dec-2015

  • Miguel, thanks for showing us such unrivalled settings! Hike-mates.... it was nice to know you! Hope to see you soon!

    Ina el 09-Nov-2015

  • Thank you Miguel! A wonderful trek and fantastic day out in the mountains with friends. The trees are indeed magical!

    Ana el 08-Nov-2015

  • Great day with Miguel and TrekPyrenees to Gallina Pelada summit. Miguel did a very good job as our mountain guide, and I truly enjoyed spending a day with other hiking enthusiasts. I can highly recommends TrekPyrenees as your organiser for a trek in the Pyrenees.

    Karsten el 26-Oct-2015

  • Incredibly beautiful landscapes, a great group and an experienced and organized mountain guide made this Saturday a memorable day. An experience to repeat, definitely!

    Luis el 25-Oct-2015

  • Just wha it says on the tin, STUNNING!

    Bola el 20-Oct-2015

  • Stunning Landscape & Guided Walk

    Alex Harbige el 20-Oct-2015

  • Marvelous trip in a spectacular scenery, lead by the ever charming mountain guide Miguel - el Capitan 😉 - Ibañez. And lovely people to hike with. Thank you all for this outstanding experience.

    Dirk el 26-Jul-2015

  • Highly recommended to anyone who wants to go hiking. Miguel is a fantastic guide, gives great advice and shares the right amount of information which makes the experience one to remember. It was a fantastic experience with great people, fantastic guide and breathtaking views. A great combination of physical efforts and achieving the top made this un unforgettable experience.

    Rozemarijn el 21-Jul-2015

  • New favourite hike with Miguel. Good company, great food, breathtaking scenery and a challenging but extremely rewarding peak. See you next time!

    Dan Shepherd el 19-Jul-2015

  • Hey everyone! Had a wonderful day! It was great meeting you all!(sorry for slowing you down in the first half; special mention to Dan and Anne for the pep talk :D)

    Anuja Harpale el 13-Jul-2015

  • This was yet again a very inspiring hike, with surprising views, magical spots, and off the usual well-known tracks. We enjoyed a wonderful day, balanced rythm, excellent company ! Thank you Miguel for guiding us to these new sites, thank you to the whole group for sharing such a beautiful day. I hope to see you again on another hike!

    Agnetta R.F. el 08-Jun-2015

  • An experience I'll never forget! Thanks for being a great leader Miguel and sorting us all out! You catered for each of our individual needs with your flexibility and determination (for pretty much doing the trek TWICE) to come back for Michael and I. I appreciate that. Despite not making it to the summit, I had a great time. And I look forward to going on some more (easier!) treks in the near future! Thank you for your support, encouragement, and patience 😀 Muchas gracias!!

    Abby el 19-May-2015

  • A beautiful day in Pedraforca, perfect conditions to scale this emblematic Catalan mountain followed by a win for Barça! It was challenging and by the end I was the only girl! Thank you boys for ur patience especially getting down the tartera- to lluis and walter for waiting as I came down on my bum, and to Dan for carrying my bag.

    Tamsin Baker el 18-May-2015

  • Miguel is an incredible and very professional trekking guide!!! I enjoyed the experience a lot!!! U should come with us for the future occasion!

    Li Chengcheng el 12-May-2015

  • It's a great experience ! all my 3 friends and I are really appreciate everything Miguel had done for us, very professional guide! we had also learned interesting story about the beech.

    Brenda el 11-May-2015

  • Lovely hike, great guide. Highly recommended!

    Sheetal el 04-May-2015

  • This was an outstanding experience. Miguel is a wonderful guide who clearly loves the Catalan Pyrenees. He almost seems to know them by heart. Although it was quite a tough hike - bad weather during the second half, with rain showers and wind - Miguel managed to keep high spirits, never hurrying or going too fast for anybody. To the group I must say that you are all lovely people. It was a pleasure to me - as an outsider who was on vacation - to meet you all. And I'll come back some day, for sure! Gracias a todos por este día hermoso.

    Dirk el 26-Apr-2015

  • A great day out in a beautiful part of the mountains. Miguel is a great host and everything was perfectly organised with a really nice bunch of people. Highly recommend this trip for a reasonably tough day's walking with superb views over the Pyrenees. Important - don't forget your sandwiches x

    Philip Hodges el 05-Apr-2015

  • Thanks for an amazing day, Miguel! Beautiful landscape, great company, and a fantastic first experience in La Garrotxa! The best part was the trail chosen by Miguel - hiking on boar-tracks through the forest, we discovered a new landscape and a new surprise at each summit! Most important, Miguel's goal is not just to "get there", but to help everyone enjoy the journey! Looking forward to the next one!

    Gavin el 31-Mar-2015

  • Great day out. We had to change our plans slightly because of unforeseen circumstances (too much snow) but Miguel found us an alternative route!

    Dan Shepherd el 28-Feb-2015

  • A five star experience. Thank you for the wonderful company. I will need "new legs"......joking!

    Ellynn Ragone el 23-Feb-2015

  • Montsant came as a big surprise, the lines in the landscape seemed magical. But no doubt the company is what made this day so very special, each of you being so friendly and contributing to build a nice atmospere. Thank you and I hope we meet again!

    Agnetta R.F. el 23-Feb-2015

  • Brilliant day in the Pyrenees on Sunday. We trekked up to a frozen lake from the village of Merangues/Meranges with Miguel guiding us. He was highly entertaining and very knowledgeable. i highly recommend this trip.

    brian canty el 16-Feb-2015

  • one of the best experiences ever,the hiking,the delicious tapas and fine wine,I enjoyed every minute of that day!

    Jing el 02-Feb-2015

  • Such a pleasant experience!Not just beautiful views but nice people you get to meet.Looking forward to next hike!

    Jing el 20-Jan-2015

  • A lot of impressive panoramic views.Great hike with lovely people!!

    Josep G. el 19-Jan-2015

  • Beautiful hike, with a great group and guide!!

    Margit el 13-Jan-2015

  • Miguel is a very reliable guide who led the group in a friendly way. I enjoyed this fantastic trek together with lovely people. Catllaras is a rural idyll surrounded by lush forest when we're hosted in a charming guest house with delicious food.

    Josep G. el 07-Jan-2015

  • Nice company, beautiful places, good food and cool hiking places. Recommended!

    Laura el 05-Jan-2015

  • Miguel guided us on such a beautiful hike. Everything about it was wonderful--the pace, the "off the beaten path" location, the fellow hikers, and, of course, all the information about the flora and fauna and history of the land--in three languages! It is nice to meet someone who is a true appreciator of nature, TREES and the outdoor experience. His enthusiasm for the hike was infectious, and despite the somewhat cold weather, everyone in our group shared such a memorable experience. The next time I have a free weekend, I am signing up again--s

    Rachel McPherson el 20-Dec-2014

  • Fantastic day out with Miguel and a really great group if fellow trekkers! Really loved Miguel's short classes on botany and meteorology (and a little poetry thrown in, under a beech grove!) - exercise for the brain as well as the body! Great organisation, and a relaxed, fulfilling experience all round. I'm looking forward to the next time!

    Gavin el 07-Dec-2014

  • Great hiking with excellent organizer

    Brenda el 18-Nov-2014

  • Great hike with great people. Overall, an amazing day. Thanks everyone.

    Rachel el 18-Nov-2014

  • A fantastic day-hike with Miguel and the group. If all of Catalonia's mountains are as spectacular as this you could never tire of exploring. Miguel is a great leader, fun and very knowledgable with a passion for the area, but most importantly I felt total confidence in his management and awareness of the group throughout the day. This walk was absolutely stunning, but you probably need to some experience of shorter walks before taking on a long hike like this (7 hours, moderate to challenging). Thanks Miguel!

    JessNT el 17-Nov-2014

  • Great day and great organisation!

    Elena el 11-Nov-2014

  • Great! Awesome! Superb!.....what else?

    Pablo el 03-Nov-2014

  • A great experience. This was a perfect day hike and perfect weather. I was satisfied. The organizer is informative and aware of everyone and he is great to talk to. Thanks Miquel and everyone!!!!

    Corey el 27-Oct-2014

  • The day was spectacular to an interesting part of the Pyrenees, we all reached the Puigmal summit and descended via a different route. Miguel was very knowledgeable of the area and gave descriptions throughout the day of the region, plants and animals (we saw a lot of Pyrenean chamois). The day was well organised with a good group of people, topped off by a well earned beer after the trek. I would thoroughly recommend a trip with Miguel and TrekPyrenees.

    Bill el 27-Oct-2014

  • A great experience. This was a perfect day hike and perfect weather. I was satisfied. The organizer is informative and aware of everyone and he is great to talk to. Thanks Miquel and everyone!!!!

    Laura el 27-Oct-2014

  • Well-planned trip, good communication from the organizers and friendly company - overall a great group for fantastic days and treks in the beautiful mountains o/.

    Martin Kjer el 06-Oct-2014

  • As always miguel did a very unique hike a great day.

    Tyler Mathews el 22-Sep-2014

  • I went to the trek to Andorra for the week-end. I am super happy. Guide was fun, opened, sociable and a fan of good rock. He gave nice explanations in English and Spanish about flowers and trek. Difficulty was ok, effort was by far worth while the views. Company was really nice. Absolutely recommended!!! 🙂

    Laura el 31-Aug-2014

  • I have enjoyed the trek to Pic de Bastiments and I would recommend 'Trek Pyrenees' to those people who would like to be guided by a professional mountain leader who adjust walking pace according needs of people in the group. \r\nThank you for a great day.

    Natasa el 07-Jul-2014

  • Amazing meetup , extremely well organized by a very experienced and fun guide who arranged a very unique and beautifull route, we didnt see any other hikers, great crowd of people , faultless and highly recommended , definately a regular event for me with miguel the guide.

    Tyler Mathews el 02-Jun-2014