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We deal with all payments

I pay for all services included in the price such as accommodation, transfers, non-walking activities, etc. Once the minimum group size has been obtained, I book hotels and other services. If there is no availability at the chosen inn, I look for another one.

We plan hikes

All details concerning each hike have been studied including the difficulty, timing, escape paths in case of an accident, plan B in case of bad weather, history of the area, flora and fauna, etc.

We tailor accommodation

I ask those people who are sharing a room if they would prefer a twin-bedded or a double room. When individual rooms are not mentioned in the trip details and a client requests one, I inform him/her about the extra cost involved.

We co-ordinate transfers

I also make a last call to taxi drivers or bus companies to ensure that all services have been understood: the number of people, when, where, and to confirm prices.

We arrange non-walking activities

I talk to museums, craftsmen, guides, etc. to confirm attendance. I send a deposit if required.

We book restaurants

I confirm attendance at restaurants when some meals are not at the inn or substitute the packed lunch. I also warn restaurants about dietary requirements.

We check the weather forecast

Every day before the trip, to figure out whether I will have to modify the path to follow or carry out Plan B.

We answer questions

Before the trip, participants ask many questions about equipment, accommodation, transfers, etc. Most of them are emails, others phone calls.

We email participants

Those emails contain advice about equipment, a last version of the programme with the definite timing, detailed information about the wines we are going to taste, etc.



We drive to the airport

On the first day of the trip I pick up participants either at the airport or at the hotel in Barcelona where they stayed overnight. Last day I drive them back. Also, participants who drove to the starting point of the trek will be transferred back to their cars.


Continuous monitoring of timings, for example, I make sure that breakfast is ready when it should be, that the taxi driver picks us up on time, that the hike ends around the scheduled time, etc. The taxi or bus which takes care of transfers also brings the snowshoes and trekking poles when required.

We check the weather forecast

Every day to be sure that we can hike the following day. Otherwise, I discuss the various options with the group.

We make payments

Every day I take care of the payments that should be done. I also buy some stuff when needed.

Videos and photos

During the trip I record a video and take photos so that we can offer a memorable souvenir to participants after the excursion.

Changes in the programme

I make on the spot decisions to cover any last minute eventualities such as changes to timings or to the programme, either at the group's request or when required due to other factors, for example due to the fitness level or health of a client.


Snowshoeing trip - La Cerdanya - Catalan and French Pyrenees

5-day snowshoeing experience in La Cerdanya (France and Spain) with TrekPyrenees in early Spring 2016.
A group of 8 Londoners walked in Meranges, Gorges del Segre, La Bouillouses lake and followed the archaeological path in Eyne. We had fun, ate very well and visited a cave (Fontrabiouse) and a cheese-maker (El Molí de Ger).

Pica d'Estats (3,143m) The highest peak in the Catalan Pyrenees.

Challenging ascent from the Catalan side of the mountain. We had to cross over the border into France before we got to the summit. We started walking at 6:30 and finished at 17:02. 1544m of elevation gain. Multi-country team: 2 Norwegians, 1 from the Basque country,  a Danish man, a British man and one Frenchwoman. An unforgettable day for all of us.

Following in the footsteps of Gaudi and Picasso in the Pyrenees

Geoff, Rachel and their son, Sam, came from Boston (USA) to follow in the footsteps of Gaudí and Picasso in the Pyrenees.  They climbed Pedraforca (Geoff reached the summit) and also hiked in the Catllaràs range to see the Xalet de Catllaràs, designed by Gaudí in 1902, and the old coal mines in the area. On the last day we visited Artiga Gardens, also designed by Gaudí.

Carlit & La Tosa peaks - Two-day trip in the Catalan & French Pyrenees

I planned a weekend in July to climb Carlit, the highest peak of the Oriental Pyrenees, located in La Cerdagne. We were a lovely mix of people from different countries with the same aim: reach the summit of this challenging peak. First day we climbed La Tosa to get back into shape. How to describe the feelings from the summit!

Walking holidays Pyrenees - TrekPyrenees

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